Poliestere testurizzato 100% riciclato a marchio GRS

It’s a continuous fibre 100% recycled polyester , bulked and twisted with stable torsion that can be utilized on needle too. The used fibre is half-dull because more suitable for spinning needs. The main characteristic of this article is elasticity and high covering capability. For these reasons it is particularly used by cut-and-sew machine and for all seams that need covering.

All our products are OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 - 1 CLASS - REACH certified.

Our products are MADE IN ITALY.

Main applications

Areas of employment and usage

AIR GREEN Et.150 Light cloths spinning.
AIR GREEN Et.110 Spinning, general clothing, knitwear, corsetry.
AIR GREEN Et.80 Swimsuits spinning, corsetry, sportswear.

Technical features

ARTICLE Tex Tensile strength gr. Elongation % Packaging Needle
AIR GREEN Et.150 18 700 24/28 10.000 mt 70-80
AIR GREEN Et.110 23 930 24/28 220 gr 80
AIR GREEN Et.80 35 1.300 24/28 220 gr 80-90