The Custom Yarn wants to present itself as the first existing line of yarn born on demand of customer who will have the possibility to choose for the first time the combination of Colors, Title and Composition of its sewing thread.

Threads can also be personalized by inserting plates that will allow special effects, always with an excellent resistance to chlorine and dyeing treatments and a good resistance to abrasive treatments.
We do all this by maintaining the Rama Know-how that provides an excellent sewability and a high attention to all parameters that may be present in the post-sale.

All our products are OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 - 1 CLASS - REACH certified.

Our products are MADE IN ITALY.

Main applications

Technical features

ARTICLE Tex Twist Tensile strength gr. Elongation % Packaging Needle
CUSTOM Et. 75 40 19% 1.700 Maxi spola 1.000 mt 90/100
CUSTOM Et. 50 60 19% 2.700 Maxi spola 750 mt 100/110
CUSTOM Et. 30 100 19% 3.300 Maxi spola 500 mt 120
CUSTOM Et. 25 120 19% 3.900 Maxi spola 450 mt 120/130
CUSTOM Et. 18 150 19% 5.700 Maxi spola 300 mt 130/140

Custom Yarn

In practice the Custom Yarn wants to be the answer to all the clothing companies that, on the basis of our experience, intend to make their product innovative, unique and distinguishable.

The Custom Yarn is divided into 3 articles, depending on their composition:

CUSTOM BRIGHT - Thanks to the presence inside of metallic foils, resistant to washing, it will be the brightest and most exclusive series.

CUSTOM LIGHT - The enthusiasm towards innovation has enabled us to create a yarn with different types of plays of light, due to the inclusion within it of special foils, which allow us to obtain contrast and color effects.

CUSTOM TWIST - A series dedicated to those who require opaque, vintage and ornamental effects.