It’s a 100% biological cotton yarn with Gots brand. For their nature, the biological cultivations don’t provide the use of pesticides. Consequently, it is hard to cultivate and to pick biological cotton of quality. Rama, to guarantee the highest quality and highest performance in the use, has made a selection in the selection and it has created the article BIO-N. TOP which settles at the qualitatively tops reachable by a biological cultivation. Available on request also in coloured version, always branded Gots.

All our products are OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 - 1 CLASS - REACH certified.

Our products are MADE IN ITALY.

Main applications

Areas of employment and usage

BIO-N. TOP Et.75 Sewings, men and women clothing, protective work clothing, casual, household linen.
BIO-N. TOP Et.50 Sportswear, jeans.
BIO-N. TOP Et.36 Quiltings trousers, sportswear and jeans.
BIO-N. TOP Et.25 Quiltings trousers, sportswear and jeans.

Technical features

ARTICLE Count Tex Tensile strength gr. Packaging Needle
BIO-N. TOP Et. 75 50/3 40 1.170 5.000 yds 80-90
BIO-N. TOP Et. 50 30/3 60 1.970 5.000 yds 100-110
BIO-N. TOP Et. 36 24/3 80 2.330 5.000 yds 110-120
BIO-N. TOP Et. 25 16/3 120 3.340 3.000 yds 120-130