Spark is a technological sewing thread made with the best meta-aramide fibers available on the market, and allows the creation of technical garments with fire retardant qualities for fire fighters and public authority with the highest level of safety and durability.

All our products are OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 - 1 CLASS - REACH certified.

Our products are MADE IN ITALY.

Main applications

Technical features

ARTICOLO Titolo N° capi Carico di rottura gr. Allungamento % Confezione Ago
SPARK Et. 100 27 2 cN. 764 - gr. 780 26 5.000 mt. 80-90
SPARK Et. 70 40 3 cN. 1.303 - gr. 1.330 27 5.000 mt. 90-100
SPARK Et. 40 80 3 cN. 2.274 - gr. 2.320 29 2.500-5.000 mt. 110-120


The use of our article Spark allows:

1) Exceptional values of heat and flame resistance.

2) Inalterability of the characteristics up to 200°C. of continuous exposure. Melting point 371°C.

3) Low value of thermal conductivity

4) Excellent resistance to chemicals

5) High tenacity

6) Low hairiness and good shine.

7) The necessary requirements to respond, according to the production methods, to EN ISO 11611 (ex EN 470) EN ISO 11612 (ex EN 531) EN 469 standards.

Until yesterday, the range of colors achievable with this fiber was limited, but now, our technicians are able to increase the number of feasible colors, allowing the production of the color that best suits your needs.